Tieman Group Product Catalogs


Tieman Group was in need of two custom catalogs, one booklet, several promotional fliers, catalog photography and product photography to promote their extensive product line. All of the products needed to meet color and type requirements for direct consumer promotion while alternate aesthetics were applied to the professional clients. I created the project themes, pallet, layout, and some photography.

  • 204 page catalog
  • 180 page catalog
  • 28 page promotional product book
  • Product packaging
  • Product logo design
  • Product photography
  • Photoshoot planning

The first project is a custom 204 page consumer catalog that is geared toward their baby boomer client base. The oversized fonts and low vision friendly color pallet were used with photos with custom product photography for Tieman Group products. In addition to product photography, I helped plan a photoshoot in IKEA staged scenes for images used in two page spreads.

Custom 180-page professional product catalog

The second project is a custom 180-page professional product catalog geared eye care professionals nationwide. This sales catalog includes every variation of every product available by the company, sold a tier-level pricing

Custom 28-page promotional product book

The the project is a custom 28-page promotional product book for a specific line of hand magnifiers called PowerMag+ geared at the Veterans Administration, Kaiser Permanente and eye care professionals nationwide. Custom concept, copy, design and layout.

Tieman Group, the parent company of Optelec and ShopLowVision offers the largest electronic low vision Dealer Network in the industry. With multi-tier distribution in more than 70 countries worldwide, their international offices around the globe allow our low vision community to have these life-changing vision aids at their fingertips.