InSite_05 Postcard Mailer


This 6×4″InSite_05 English/Spanish postcard mailer was created to celebrate the Mexico City launch of their new book [Situational] Public, the second in a series documenting the organizations social art.

The photograph featured in the InSite_05 project is from Javier Téllez’ 2005 performance in Tijuana, One Flew Over the Void. The human cannonball was launched over the United States and Mexican border in Tijuana.

Whenever I can create a project that reaches out and impacts a community or people, there is no doubt I will do my best no matter how large my participation. When you are selling a genuine feeling over a product like InSite_05 does, there is a deeper part of me that feels more attached and responsible even after the projects completion.

InSite is a network of contemporary art programs and commissioned projects that maps the dynamics of permeability and blockage that characterize the liminal border zone of San Diego-Tijuana. Since its inception in 1992, inSite has focused on the specificity of the San Diego-Tijuana corridor as a context of unexpected political and cultural rearticulations.

Javier Téllez One Flew Over the Void
Javier Téllez One Flew Over the Void