Tieman Group Product Catalogs

Tieman Group was in need of two custom catalogs, one booklet, several promotional fliers, catalog photography and product photography to promote their extensive product line. All of the products needed […]

Steve Hughes Logo and Business Cards

Steve Hughes is an information technology contractor wanted to create a personal brand to promote his contracting services. My work consisted of logo design and business card creation. The logo […]

Crescendo Therapeutics Business Cards

Crescendo Therapeutics was in need of a new business card based on their current logo. My work consisted of business card creation, packaging modifications, and website design. The business cards […]

Coastal Sage Group Brand Identity

Coastal Sage Group was looking for a brand identity refresh to reflect a professional feel. My work consisted of logo design, business card creation, and letterhead design. The brand colors […]

Mutlilens Brand Identity

Multilens was in need of a brand identity that reflected their use of optics to serve doctors in surgery and the visually impaired. My work consisted of logo design, business […]

EcoGenics Product Packaging

EcoGenics was in need of six product packaging designs that focused on their strong position within the beauty industry. The packaging needed to be simplistic, carry a luxurious feel for […]

MojoCorp Tradeshow Makeup Fliers

These 8×11″ tradeshow fliers for MojoCorp makeup products were created to assist in product recognition by industry leaders and potential distributors. The makeup fliers were reinforced by sales sheets with […]

InSite_05 Postcard Mailer

This 6×4″InSite_05 English/Spanish postcard mailer was created to celebrate the Mexico City launch of their new book [Situational] Public, the second in a series documenting the organizations social art. The […]

Oakley Promotional Poster

This 36 x 48″ poster print was created to promote the Oakley brand using a gritty, rough style. The design incorporates the company branding and carries a metallic finish contrasted […]