I’m a Graphic Designer residing in Oceanside, CA. Even though my first love is for Graphic Design, I also enjoy Web Design, Photography and Typography. I love being well rounded because it keeps me motivated and interested in different ways of approaching design. I can constantly pull different elements I have learned and use them to perfect a project.

I have the following abilities:

  • Think outside the box
  • Work independently with minimal creative direction
  • Well-organized
  • Self-motivated
  • Flexible
  • Detail-oriented
  • Multi-tasker
  • Meet tight deadlines

I am constantly exploring new elements in design and update my Flickr account and Deviant Art gallery with newer works. When I am not designing my other interests include surfing, snowboarding, my Miniature Schnauzer Mia Bella and my wife Sara. I like to go out during any free time and experiment with photography, most of which is just for fun while others are used in my self-published photography books. Many of my photos have been featured in businesses, homes and photography contests. For me design is a state of mind and living not just something I do for 8-10 hours a day. My creative spark is constantly churning while I am driving down the streets, reading magazines, and everywhere in my daily life.

Who or What is Aether?

Aether (e-th-er) in Greek mythology is the personification of the “upper sky,” space, and heaven. He is the pure upper air that the gods breathe and in the Orphic hymns, he is mentioned as the soul of the world from which all life emanates. I feel that in the same way Graphic Design eminates in all that is around us and limitless in posibility. With the Graphic Design as the soul of the world it is in everything we do, see, buy and walk past on a daily basis. In this sense, everything in the world is surrounded by design. Every designer is their own Aether, limitless.


Potential employers not that I am currently employed and my resume may not be updated. If you think I have what it takes to bring your company to the next level please contact me so I can speak with you more about your company.

Robert Hartland – Resume Download

Robert Hartland – Visual CV

If I am not quite what you are looking for, I pickup new things fast and would love to hear about training possibilities to grow with your company.